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Principal & Management

ISSQUARE help you to focus on coaching. You would be investing valuable time on helping the students to excel academically and be better citizens for tomorrow.



Gives teachers peace of mind by providing everything that they need for a smooth functioning of class. Quick access to Time table, grade book, Home work, Work Sheets, Examinations and Question Bank eases... teaching experience. Easy to generate graphs and reports help teachers to analyse student performances in the snap of a finger.

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Parents are happy with the ability to track their ward's progress in a click of a second. Transparent communication from school to parent about achievements, behaviour and school activities is so blissful!... Quick access to week plan, time table, homework, work sheets, exam schedules and results help parents to be involved in ward's progress. The easiness to browse question banks, educational videos and school library from anywhere, empowers parents to provide all resources for their kid. Update about scheduled parent meeting and school announcements make parents feel connected with the school all the time.

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Progress Report

Teachers and School authorities will get an overall academic progress report of all students.

Reports on homework

Teachers can send homework and assignments with necessary attachments to parents.

Fee reminder

Management can inform parents fee payment dates and fee due details through ISSQUARE.

Reminders to Principal & Management

Principal & management will get reminder on the assigned tasks to be completed in order of priority.

Attendance management

ISSQUARE enables teacher to capture daily attendance & notification will be sent to parent in case of absence.

Monitoring teacher performance

Teachers performance can be monitored by reviewing students academic performance.


Our functional features help the librarian in cataloging, circulation, book tracking. Maintain a complete record of books issued and returned.

Leave Submission

Parents can send leave application to the class teacher and Principal through Mobile app and web-app.

Transport Information

Parents will get the details of school bus and notification about the delay of the vechicle.

About Us

About us

We are an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company with over ten years of exceptional service experience and global operations spanning three continents. We provide a global level information interface for today's high-achievers. With 450 highly skilled technicians we pride ourselves in our customer focused business model and helping our customer derive highest value from our solutions. .

Our goal

Create value and prosperity in the communities, societies, and countries by improving the educational ecosystem Support parents and educational institutions in providing highest quality education to children To help shape the lives of the future leaders of our country.

School Data Security

It's an "ISO 9001: 2015 Certified" Company Complete with customizable firewall protection 95% uptime Guarantee Strict privacy policy - you own your data.


Few of Our Clients

Jnana Sweekar Public School


Green Country Public School


Dev-In National


East West Public


Vidyanidhi Public School


Cauvery Public School


St. John's High School


MSV Public School


Client says

Mrs. Ratna Deshpande

Principal, Jnana Sweekar Public School

"I take this opportunity to thank ISSQUARE, it made a fundamental difference in how we can reach out and engageour community. It has helped us eliminate email and calling parents by phone to inform about school events. We also use it, to alert the parents immediately about important items. I feel, it is safe and secure rather than using other public social website."


Administrator, MVJ International School

"ISSQUARE has made a fundamental difference in how we can reach out. It's a delight to use. ISSQUARE can be Circulars, Activities, Daily assignments, Field trip, Curriculum updates, Holidays, Exams alerts all at one click of a button. We thank ISSQUARE team for the efforts and their continous R&D to make life easy for the Institution, Parents & Teachers."

Allan Mathew

Principal, Green Country Public School

"ISSQUARE has been of great help to us in maintaining a vital link with the parents almost on a daily basis for the past few years. The parents are kept abreast of all the important activities and events besides keeping them informed of their ward's Academic Progress in the school. ISSQUARE does provide effectively this link between the school and the parents which in today's scenario is of immense value."

Mrs. Vijayalakshmi. R

Principal, East West Public School

"We are happy with ISSQUARE services and indeed we appreciate their modules which are really helpful for day to day activities in Academics and Administration of the shcool ."

Frequently Asked Questions

If in a campus we have multiple Syllabuses (State & CBSE & ICSE) can ISSQUARE manage all of these syllabuses?

Yes, ISSQUARE generate reports for any types of Syllabus. We have a dedicated team that works on generation of these reports.

What distinguishes ISSQUARE with other software products?

No school management software uses BPO service with Cloud computing technology. ISSQUARE (UFT) is already in Cloud & BPO Service, thus providing the best performance and security without any investment by the school/institute.

Do I have to invest on hardware to implement ISSQAURE?

It's a Cloud based S-a-a-S model: In Cloud based S-a-a-S model the software will be installed in UFT cloud computing server, in which the cost of the software will be based on the number of students who gets registered into the software, and Also, because the software is hosted remotely, schools don't need to invest in additional basic hardware, software and security By default, all information stored in our facility is confidential and is the property either of our company or of school. Measures are regularly taken to ensure that such property continues to be secure.

How safe is my data with ISSQUARE?

Your data is absolutely secure with ISSQUARE.

Data Access Security

  • How safe is my data with ISSQUARE?
  • Group policies in place for accessing PCs and workstations for authorized access.
  • Access to important files and directories is given only to specific personnel.
  • All email and web servers are located at an independent internet data center.
  • GFS Backup policy in place. Monthly backups are stored at an off-site location and removable backups are kept safe with logs duly maintained.
  • Daily backup are stored in fire-proof safe.
  • By default, all ports (USB, Serial, Parallel) are disabled on PCs. Enabling of the required ports is done only on specific requests by the client.
  • Physical security ensures no CDs, Pen-drives, movable media goes in and out of the facility without written permission from the management.

Network Security

The main principle of our network security policy is: "Everything is prohibited, except what is explicitly permitted". All exceptions must be agreed between our Security Team, our Management, our System Administrators and our clients before they can be allowed to occur.

  • Each client and school process is run on a separate VLAN/VPN when run off-shore/off-site.
  • Software defined secure tunnels through the internet.
  • Only authorized personnel are allowed to access the VNC/VLAN/VPN. This setup prevents others from accessing the project information.
  • Real-time Anti-virus and SPAM protection for desktops and servers.
  • Annual maintenance and scheduled preventive maintenance in place for critical assets.
  • Adequate spares are available for all critical infrastructures, thereby minimizing downtime.
  • Wireless LAN in the office is also security protected.

Do you provide support services?

We provide support services any time you need. Our support team is also available to answer any questions and help you with your implementation. We support our clients through email, phone call, personal visit, skype etc.

What is parent portal, How it is useful for student and school?

The Parent Portal enables a childs mother and father to check student information, Results, attendance and upcoming events its extracurricular accounts for a student you can from home, office or anywhere. The real-time link enhances the schools standing with parents, a must have a facility in todays 24/7 world.

We still have many unanswered questions, What we should do?

Contact us through email, phone(9743110259) we will answer your queries or we can visit Your School to clarify all your queries.